5 Things to Know About: Not Okay, Cupid by Heidi R. Kling

1.  Not Okay, Cupid by Heidi R. Kling is a Ya Romance that mixes together a couple of themes that I love.  I love stories of revenge, where the main character is trying to get back at their ex.  I also love stories where the main character falls in love with their best friend's brother.  This story mixes together both of those!

2.  The main gist is that Hazel is dating this guy named Jay, who's kind of lame.  She doesn't think he's lame though.  She loves him.  But then she finds out that he's secretly dating her best friend Kimmy.  Uh oh.  Hazel is heartbroken until Felix (Kimmy's brother) suggests the perfect plan.  He suggests that the two of them fake date to make Jay jealous.  Will the plan work?  Or will it crash and burn?

3.  I liked Hazel and Felix for the most part.  I felt like their feelings for each other were a little rushed though.  It would have made more sense to me if one of them had secretly liked the other one for a long time but instead it was just like, the two decided to like each other and so they did.  Not as romantic as it could have been.

4.  I liked Felix a lot.  He seemed like a bad boy, except he wasn't actually bad.  He was sweet to his mother.  He was sweet to Hazel.  He liked to make weird french fry dip combinations.  He's a surfer. What's not to love?

5.  Part of the story takes place around Valentine's Day so it could even be a holiday read.  I'm one of those people who likes to read holiday books around the holidays. haha Just gets me in the spirit, I guess!

If you like cute YA romances, I would recommend this story for you.

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