5 Things to Know About: Restless Waters by Jessica Park

Restless Waters is a book that I've had waiting on my kindle for a while but I put off reading it because I knew it would be emotional.  If you've read the first book Left Drowning, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

I found this story just as compelling as I found the last one.  Below are five things I think you should know about it.

1.  Restless Waters picks up after a fun and raucous summer in Maine. Chris and Blair are still madly in love and Blair takes comfort in the fact that Sabin is going to stay with them at their house for a while.  But she's also feeling melancholy because she knows that Estelle, Eric, and James all have to head back to their respective colleges.  When Sabin drops a figurative bomb on her, she knows that there's trouble coming.

2.  Maybe it's been too long since I've read Left Drowning but I found Sabin and Blair's relationship concerning right off the bat.  I don't remember them being so love-y and goofy in the last book. Maybe it's just a coping mechanism with all of the trauma they've all collectively been through, but I'm surprised that Chris was so ok with them acting the way they were.

3.  Restless Waters is what I consider a love story, but it's not about romantic love.  We already went through that in Left Drowning, with Blair and Chris finally finding their way back to each other.  Restless Waters is about the "platonic" love that Sabin and Blair have for each other.  They go through a lot in this book and the ending just might surprise you.  I know it surprised me.

4.  Once again, I am COMPLETELY enticed by a Jessica Park book.  She is one of my favorite NA authors because she writes in a very clear and engaging way.  Flat Out Love?  Read it in a day.  Left Drowning?  Read it in a day.  Restless Waters?  Same.  Her stories just really suck you in and you can't stop reading.  Or at least I can't. Haha!

5.  If you haven't read Left Drowning yet, DO IT!  Like Shia LaBeouf once said, JUST DO IT!  Because then you can read Restless Waters and get caught up.

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