How I Find New Books To Read

One thing that I love about books is that there are so many of them.  I have a to-be-read list that is constantly growing and changing because there are so many new authors, books, series, and genres to consider.

I was poring over my Goodreads account the other day and thinking about what the best ways to find out about new books are and these are some of the best options I can think of.

1.  Goodreads

Goodreads has become one of my favorite social media sites over the years because it connects me with so many other bookworks like myself!  I love making new friends on there and I love having a "newsfeed" of sorts (or I guess it's a homepage) that is ALL books.  Seriously.  So great.

2.  The Library

Sometimes I get inspiration just by looking on the shelves of my local library.  I like to look at the old Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, and I also like to look at the new releases to see what's new and what's going on in publishing.

3.  Buzzfeed

I'm pretty sure everyone who is one the internet is familiar with Buzzfeed's listicles, right? Sometimes on pinterest I stumble upon lists like "Best Fantasy Series" or "YA books you HAVE to read" that were originally posted on Buzzfeed and I think those are good places to find future reads!

4. Writing Sites

Let's not forget about internet published works!  I used to be a big Fictionpress reader back in the day and now there are sites like Inkpop and Wattpad that you can also find awesome reads are.  People like Anna Todd are even getting their Wattpad stories traditionally published.  How cool is that?

Those are some of my favorite places to find new reads.  What are yours?

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