Read, Watch, Wear 1

Hello & Happy Wednesday!  I have the day off from work so as I write this post I'm sitting at my parents' kitchen table, drinking a cup of coffee and eating a chocolate chip muffin that I picked up at the grocery store last night.

I've decided to start a new segment on the blog here where I talk about what I'm currently reading, what I'm currently watching, and a few fashion pieces that I'm currently dreaming about.

1.  My current read is Knowing You by Allie Everhart.  I've been working on it for a few weeks but I really need to finish it because this is a story filled with everything I love.  There's drama, there are secrets, all bundled up in a cute romance.

2.  I didn't think Shameless could get any more shocking but of course it did! haha This show cracks me up.  I'm currently catching up on Season 3 because I saw it was on Netflix.

3.  I've been thinking lately that I would really like to own a romper and this one is really cute.  I love the bandana pattern.  Red is a great color.

4.  I recently got a Happy Planner but that doesn't stop me from looking at other neat planners (like this one).

5.  It doesn't stop me from looking at cute stickers either!

6.  When I was at my friend Brooke's farm the other week, she had an adorable pair of Tevas sandals on.  She got a great deal on hers at Marshalls.  These are the ones I'm admiring.

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