Things That Make Me Happy

1.  I follow a lot of golden retriever instagram accounts because I love looking at pictures of puppies.  They're so cute.  My favorite is The Golden Finn.
2.  Yesterday I found out that I got nominated for the Spirit of Care Award with Hilton at work!  I'm so flattered.  I didn't win but everyone was congratulating me because it's super cool to even just get nominated.  I got a $50 gift card for dinner & a movie!
3.  Pat's going to come over for dinner tonight and I'm excited for my Mom to meet him.  I think it's going to be my Mom, Carter, Alexis, Pat and I.  It's spaghetti night.
4.  Last night I went to Tellus360 with Orlando and Frida.  We had sandwiches and drinks for dinner and then watched Lancaster Story Slam.  It was a really good time and I hope I can go again next month.

What makes you happy today?

Take care,

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