August Release: Gentle Words (For When You Are Having a Bad Day)

This is my zine release for August 2016.  In 2016 I challenged myself to create and publish a new zine for every month in the year.  You might be wondering, Marian!  Didn't you just release a zine the other day?  Yes. That's correct.  But that's because July's release was horribly behind.  But it's ok. Because it's only August 16th which means that I am ahead for this month.  Yay!

This zine is mostly black & white but there is color on the cover.  It's filled with empowering words for when you are having a bad day or when you are feeling down.  It's filled with statements that make me feel better and lift my spirits.  I hope it will help others in that way too!

To purchase a copy, visit my shop.  How do you make yourself feel better when you are having a bad day?

Take care,

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