Book Review of Boomerang

Boomerang (by Noelle August) starts off with a very intriguing premise.  Mia wakes up after a one night stand to find herself in a very hot guy's apartment.  His name is Ethan and they apparently slept together.  Oops!  The two of them hurry to find their clothes so that they can get to their respective jobs and wind up sharing a taxi.

The only problem is that they find out they are both starting work as interns at Boomerang, an online dating site.  Their boss doesn't have too many rules but one is that coworkers can't date.  The other is that Mia and Ethan must compete against each other.  At the end of the summer, there's only one position available.  And that means that only 1 intern can work full-time at Boomerang.

It is very rare for me to like the male and female leads in a romance story so much right off the bat but I loved both Mia and Ethan.  I think this is because as characters, neither of them really had any flaws.  Or at least I didn't see any.  Their main conflict is that they've been together (haha) and they want to keep being together but work doesn't allow for it.  This leads to some very frustrating but interesting experiences for both of them. haha

One of the funniest parts to me was that Mia and Adam's boss made them try out Boomerang, so that they would both have experience with the app and knowing how it works.  As someone who has given internet dating a try (I met my current boy on Bumble, and he was the first good date I had in about 6 months!) let's just say that their experiences were pretty realistic.

Anyway, here are some other reasons why you should read Boomerang:

  1. The internet dating aspect is pretty interesting and I liked learning about Adam Blackwood's unique business.
  2. Noelle August is the pen name of two women, which means this book was written by two authors.  I generally like books that are written by two authors.  They seem more refined.
  3. The chemistry between Mia and Ethan is hot!  You know how it goes.  Whenever two people can't be together, it's always funny/adorable to watch them struggle with not being with each other. haha!
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