Book Review of The Consequence of Seduction

This is my first time reading a book by Rachel Van Dyken and it certainly won't be my last! I loved this romantic comedy about an actor who must seduce his publicist for good publicity from start to finish.

Reid (an actor) and Jordan (a publicist) first meet in a bar, where Reid tries to pick up Jordan.  The only catch is that Jordan is so used to being "invisible" to men that she assumes Reid is gay.  Oops!  Despite his claims, she doesn't believe him and leaves the bar alone.  Imagine her surprise when Jordan is running late to a meeting with her new client the next day and finds out that her new client is Reid.

The Consequence of Seduction is filled with everything that I love. A relatable heroine (Jordan).  I related a lot to her past, although thank god my yearbook wasn't emitted from our high school yearbook.  Haha.  This book also had a hot and funny hero (Reid). Not to mention the goofy yet endearing side characters (like Max). The writing was just really funny and I found myself devouring this book.

I didn't want the book to end because every scene made me smile. If you like books about forbidden romance, I think you'll enjoy this story of an upcoming actor who must seduce his publicist for the sake of his career.

Have you read any of Rachel Van Dyken's other books?  Have any suggestions of what I should read next?  Let me know in the comments.

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