Book Review of Consider Lily

*My book reviews normally consist of 5 bullet points but I've decided to just put together a couple of paragraphs on Consider Lily!

Consider Lily is a Christian Chick Lit novel by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt.  The story focuses on Lily Traywick, a mid twenties young woman who is just trying to figure it all out.  Her parents are the owners of Traywick's, the finest department store in San Francisco.  Lily is thankful to have a job, working in the kid's section of Traywick's, but she also wants to become more independent and live her own life.  That's where one of her best friends Regan comes in!

With Regan (the fashionista's) help, Lily starts dressing for success and working on building up her confidence.  She starts dating and moves out of her parent's house and has quite a few blunders in the dating (as well as the fashion world).  All the while, Lily is documenting all her adventures on her anonymous blog.

Just like in Harriet the Spy where Harriet's friends find her notebooks and read all of the nasty things she said about them, the people in Lily's life find out about her secret blog. Unfortunately, an article in the newspaper outs her to EVERYONE in her life, and I mean everyone.  It's an unfortunate situation but I thought the ways she went about making amends was realistic.

I liked the plot of this book and even though it is a Christian novel, the themes weren't overly preachy.  The members of Lily's Christian Singles Group are really funny and I'm glad that the book recognized that Christians and Non-Christians can still hang out together and be friends.  If you like chick lit novels, I would recommend this one to you.  I'm planning on lending my copy to my best friend, Emily!

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