How I Organize My Coupons

A couple of weeks ago I was flipping through the ads that came along with the Sunday newspaper and I turned to my parents.  "I'm going to become one of those extreme coupon ladies."  I told them.  "Just watch."

I'm not quite on that level yet (and maybe I never will be) but I have been enjoying saving money on my groceries.  I've also been purchasing less of things that I don't need which is awesome.  In the past couple of months I've gotten into the bad habit of not following my list at the grocery store, even though following a grocery list is the best way to not go overboard.

I've been researching online about different ways to collect and organize your coupons for efficient shopping and so I thought that I'd share in this blog post how I organize my coupons.

First off, you need a container to hold your coupons and other various materials, like store circulars.  I use an Organize It Binder which can be found at Michael's craft stores.  It's made by a company called Recollections and they have so many different patterns and designs. It's easy to find something cute that you'll love!

On the inside of my binder I have 10 sets of dividers.  I know a lot of people have even more categories for their coupons, but since my grocery budget is pretty small right now, I keep things very simple.  There's frozen, dairy, meals, drinks, snacks, toiletries, misc, produce, cleaning supplies, and free.

My categories are pretty self explanatory.  Meals is for anything that I can make a meal out of.  Frozen is for all of my frozen goodies that I enjoy, like microwave pizzas and veggie burgers.  Under my drinks tab I keep coupons for V8 and coffee k Ccups.  It's pretty self explanatory but those are some examples. :)

Behind each divider is a business sized envelope that I punched holes in so that it will fit in the rings of the binder.  The coupons all pretty much fit in there.  Some of them I have to fold in half to fit.  I go through my organizer once a week before I go grocery shopping.  I pick out the coupons that I want to use and I also throw the expired coupons away.

That's my system so far and it's been working pretty well for me.  Are you a coupon clipper? Do you have any tips?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I use to do the binder method. For me, it is the most sorted out i never thought I would say I could do anything organized and I am ready to convey my coupons all over. There have been various events where individuals have ceased me amidst the store and asked, "how would you do that!?" I cherish getting the opportunity to share what I know, and conceivably spare other individuals cash! So for me, it isn't humiliating in any way; I utilize it as an open door

    1. That's very cool. I see that sometimes when I'm walking around the grocery store. Everybody has their own way of doing things!

  2. I use the binder method. For some time I utilized envelopes however it turned out to be excessively riotous as I had such a large number of envelopes. So I changed from placing coupons into envelopes and placing them into scrapbook pages.