10 Writing Blog Recommendations

I've been writing this blog post for a couple of months now, and I'm please to announce that I finally finished it.  Yay!  As you can tell from the title, I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite writing blogs.  If you're a fellow writer, I hope you find some inspiration and great tips.  These bloggers are very knowledgable and I enjoy reading their websites a lot.

1. She's Novel

Kristen's blog is one of the first blogs that made me realize that there are people out there who just love writing about the thing that they love (and by that, I mean writing!).  Her articles are extremely helpful and she retweets a lot of interesting articles on twitter so you should follow her there as well! If you visit her site, you can also find out about her #Writeboss eCourse (it's free!) and some other resources.

2. Blots & Plots (Jenny Bravo)

The links are the same, but since I started writing this article I believe Jenny has rebranded to her own name, Jenny Bravo.  She is the author of Moments Like These, Those Were the Days, and These Are the Moments, all of which she self published herself.  I used to like reading her self publishing reports that she did.  Her posts are filled with great information that I assume she collects from her own writing and publishing experiences.  Take this blog post for example: Ten Crazy Realities About Writing A Sequel

3. Mandy Wallace (Write or Die)

I like Mandy's blog because she writes about ALL kinds of writing, from freelancing to blogging to publishing.  She also talks about topics like how to deal with writer's block and When Your Writer Brain is Fried.  I feel very inspired when I read her posts and I also love all of the Pinterest groups she started for writers.  Her group pinterest boards have introduced me to some excellent blogs and writing topics.

4. Nicole L'Autore

I first found out about Nicole on twitter and then I found her blog.  I cherish her site because I can relate a lot to her articles like Untangle From The Social Media Comparison Trap and 5 Snappy Comebacks to Silence Your Inner Critic.  I especially like the latter because being critical of my own work is something that I struggle with a lot.

5. Just Write A Book Blog

I like Angela Booth (and her sites/blogs) because she focuses on writing commercial fiction and getting published on kindle  While quality is more important than quantity (most of the time), I appreciate it and find it inspiring to read her posts on how you just need to write something and send it out into the world (after editing, of course!).

6. Inks and Quills

Kaitlin is a writer/blogger who I found out about from twitter. Haha!  That seems to be something I'm saying quite frequently.  I didn't even know she had a blog at first but then I started seeing more and more of her writing posts pop up on Pinterest.  Her posts are always interesting and she's developed some awesome resources like Conquer Your Writing Life and The Story Binder to help you stay organized and get stuff done!

7. Write to Done

I find this site to be a could source of information on a variety of topics.  A lot of there articles are in list format and focus on topics like plotting, finding time to write, and other useful practices.

8. The Write Practice

This is a writing site that has a lot of different contributors.  I appreciate all of the different viewpoints of the different contributors even if I don't necessarily agree with them.

9. Little Novelist

This blog is run by Rhianne, who I would say is very active on twitter and in the writing community. I love that her site focuses on both books AND writing, because that's what I do too!  Sign up for her Novelista Collective to get awesome resources to help with your writing.

10. The Creative Penn

I first started following Joanna on twitter which then led me down the rabbit hole of listening to all of the back episodes of The Creative Penn podcast.  I love Joanna's cheerful personality on the podcast and she has some really fascinating topics that she covers with her podcast guests.  If you're looking for some positivity and motivation to keep going, check out her work and her site.

That's all for now!  But with that being said, there are so many other fabulous writers/authors/aspiring authors with websites chock full of creative blog posts and tips.  I might have to do an update in a few months with a Part II blog post.

Take care,


  1. Thanks so much for including me in this round-up, Marian! I'm honored to be included among these other amazing bloggers! :) So glad to hear you enjoy Ink and Quills, and I wish you the best with your writing!


    1. Thanks Kaitlin! Glad you found this post!

  2. I will have to check these out. I have been looking for some great blogs to keep up with. I am glad I found yours. I am enjoying it thus far! I am a blogger myself but a non-personal one. My blog is for cats mostly haha. Going to bookmark this right now and come back to it tomorrow when I have more free time :)

    1. Ooh, I am very curious about your cat blog, Britanica! Care to share the link?

  3. Thank you for this article and the selection you made! It gives me a precious starting point in reading valuable blogs!

    1. Thanks Martins! I hope you enjoy some of these blogs, just like I have!

  4. Learning to be a writer is a lonely process. These great blogs help build a community that enables us writers to branch out and test the waters.

    1. Great point! I like that with the internet nowadays, writers can build an online community to find support and share ideas.