5 Things to Know About: 30-Day Author

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30-Day Author: Develop a Daily Writing Habit and Write Your Book in 30 Days (or Less) by Kevin Tumlinson is a writing craft book that I've been reading at the gym.  I like reading books about writing when I'm looking for a little bit of inspiration for my own work.

1.  The reason why I'm so obsessed with reading books about writing, writing craft, and self publishing is that I'm looking for inspiration to keep going with my own work. This book focuses a lot on keeping a daily writing habit and I like that.  Writing daily is something that I need motivation for.

2.  Chapter 4 is about keeping a daily blog and I really enjoyed this chapter. Kevin points out that keeping a blog is a great marketing tool because you can talk about your work.  You can also kill two birds with one stone because writing on a blog every day will help you keep up your daily writing habit.

3.  I will say that while I enjoyed reading Kevin's personal writing anecdotes, I didn't necessarily find his story inspiring.  He spends a lot of time going over (and over and over) his issues with writing his fantasy trilogy and about how it took him forever to write it and about how he didn't want to write it, and I don't know.  That part of the book was a little boring and more than a little uninspiring.

4.  I spend a lot of time online, researching blogs and books and marketing, and something that I hear a lot about is email lists and how important it is to have an email list so that you can contact and market to your potential readers.  In chapter 5, Kevin talks about the importance of having an email list.  I also like how he pointed out that every time you write an email, it's a chance to craft something new and develop your writing skills.

5.  Kevin supplies good information and resources at the end of the book for those who are working on self publishing their own books.  His thoughts on cover design were helpful and I especially appreciated the links he supplied on places to find editors or cover designers.

If you're like me, and you enjoy reading about the craft of writing, I would recommend this book to you.  I don't think the title (writing a book in 30 days) is necessarily the best fit for this book, but it's a quick read.  I like that it's filled with useful information, as well as Kevin's personal writing anecdotes.

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