Friday Photos: Getting Ready for Fall!

Happy Friday!  It's been quite a long time since I did a photo Friday post so I wanted to share some of my pictures that I've taken the past couple of weeks.  The weather is getting colder and we have a lot of conference groups at work right now, so it's really starting to feel like Fall is here!

My boss is getting ready to go on vacation so she's given us a couple of weeks of schedules in advance.  Yay!  That means I can plan ahead.  I have all my work dates and doctor appointments in my planner and if you can't tell by my to-do list, I have been VERY productive lately.

The restaurant supervisor at work offered us iced coffees on Saturday and so how could we say no?  They were really quite delicious.  I love a good iced coffee.

I love all of the different Fall and Halloween coupons and sales.  I've only been coupon clipping for a couple of months now but I've really saved quite a lot!

Pumpkins!  There is nothing that I love more than pumpkins.  These are some of the nice decorations that the property services team at work has put out.  I love it!

I got some new reading glasses from CVS last Friday and I love them.  I think they make a difference when I'm working on the computer.

Mmmmmm!  Iced coffee!

I was at J.C. Penney a couple of days ago and they had a lot of different tops for sale.  I got a new flannel because I love how comfortable they are and it was only a couple of dollars.

This is a picture of the Judy Blume biography that I was reading.

I took a picture of myself after my date with Pat the other night because I was feeling good. :) We went out to dinner at this new sushi place on my side of town.

My Grandma and I went out to lunch the other day, partly in celebration for her birthday. We went to Viva at the Reading Country Club.  I got a barbecue pork flatbread and it was very delicious!  We also went to see Bridget Jones Baby which we both enjoyed.

Make sure to check back tomorrow.  I'll be posting about all of the books that I read during the month of September!

Take care,


  1. Fall is my favorite season hands down! I love the weather, the smells, the food, the lack of bugs, the decorations, and just being able to go outside and not sweat nor freeze! haha I have to get my planner taken care of ASAP! I have a lot I want to get done this fall... And a bit of shopping in between ;)

    1. I feel like things get so busy every time the seasons change. But maybe that's just me. haha Hope your shopping goes well!

  2. Wow the photography must be so talented and gorgeous

    1. Thanks! These are just little snapshots from my life.

  3. My dear the drool on your chin goes really well with your skin tone!