Looking For Book Cover Inspiration

I have been perusing Amazon.com lately, looking for cover inspiration for my own books that I am writing.  I learned from a very young age that while you can't fairly judge a book from it's cover, a nice looking cover can definitely attract you towards a book!  Am I right, or am I right? 
Here are some little details that I've picked up on the covers that I like:

  • For the type of fiction that I am writing (Contemporary Young Adult, and possibly New Adult in the future) I like the covers that have photos of real people on them.  No drawings.  No caricatures.  Just people.  In my own covers I like to have people or models that look similar to what my characters actually look like.
  • Bright colors.  I think my favorite cover out of the examples above is Happily Ever After by Jen Meyers.  I love the yellow and the red, and I love how the blue top goes with both of those. Very nice choices.
  • The titles need to be in readable fonts, obviously!  My favorites out of the example of Waiting For The Chance and Love, Chloe.  I love a nice readable cursive but I think WFTC uses a nice color combination for the words.

Books Mentioned in This Post:

Questions for You:
  • When you're walking through Barnes & Noble (or another bookstore), which covers jump out at you?
  • What colors catch your eye?
  • Does cover design change drastically from genre to genre?  What's your opinion?

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  1. When I wrote my first, well.. My only book haha I was debating on a lot of options and looked to other books to help. Mine was easier than most I'd imagine but still, it had to feel true to the story. My cover had a beautiful wolf with bright blue eyes and the snow was falling all around him. The wolf was a key part of the story so it worked perfectly and I know wolves tend to be eye catching, specially for women.

    1. That sounds like a very eye catching cover. I agree. It's important for the cover to be very relevant to the story.