The Perfect Birthday Present: Creating a Fiber Log for my Mom

Guess what?  Today is my lovely Mother's birthday!  I won't say how old she's turning because she probably wouldn't like that, but I wanted to share the gift that I put together for her.  She is a very talented knitter/weaver/fiber artist so I created a little scrapbook that she can use to track all of her various fiber projects in!

  • A photo album (from Michael's)
  • Photo prints (from CVS)
  • Misc. scrapbooking paper (from Michael's)
  • Watercolor paints and Sharpies (which I used to make the cover)

On the inside cover I used blue wash tapes to fasten a picture of my Mom and I.  Then I wrote a little personal not because who doesn't love a handwritten, personal note?

I purposely picked a scrapbook that had a place for a photo but also had room to write captions.  That way she can make notes on what the project was, when she made it, and what materials and patters she used.

Haha I love this picture of her with her first scarf that she wove on her loom!

These are just the various pictures that I have taken over the past couple of months but we're going to work on printing out the pictures that she's taken as well and adding them in.

I wound up being so excited about this project that I gave it to my Mom a little bit early before it was finished.  What can I say?  Keeping secrets isn't exactly my forte.  Haha!

Take care,

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