Ways I Attempt To Monetize My Blog & Make Money Online

A lot of bloggers that I follow post monthly income reports where they post transparent blog posts all about how they use ads, affiliates, and products to make an income from their blog.  Some examples are:
I am relatively new to the monetizing game but I thought I would share the different ways that I am attempting to make money on the internet and through my blog.

1. Google Adsense
I first placed ads on my blog a couple of months ago.  Before that I was never able to get accepted to Google Adsense before (lol).  I've only made about 50 cents so far but all good things take time, right?

2.  Affiliate Links
Right now the only affiliate links I am using are from Shop Style Collective.  I'd like to get re-approved for Amazon Affiliates after reading this post by Jess.

3.  Etsy
I sell my writing and art through my Etsy shop and it has been an awesome experience.  I have lots of readers and re-readers who support my work.

4.  Amazon
I'm working on expanding my fiction and my non fiction writing so that I can sell eBooks on Amazon.  I like the idea of having digital products that will work well as passive income.

Have you monetized your blog?  Do you have any advice?  Feel free to share in the comments!

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