Books Read in September 2016

Happy October!  September was a wonderful month for reading and I'm hoping that October will be the same.  This month I read some fiction and I also read quite a few shorter non-ficton titles my kindle.  Check them out below.

1. Black Diamond by Ali Dean

2. Camp Rolling Hills by Stacy Davidowitz

3. Judy Blume's Story by Betsy Lee

4. How I Made An Extra $1200 Per Month At Home Using One Free Website by Connie Brentford

5. Make Money Online: Use Fiverr to Make $1000+ A Month by Stacey Davidson

6. Make Money Online: How I Make $1700 Plus 40 Ways to Make Money Online by Stacey Davidson

7. Make Money Online With Kindle Publishing by Stacey Davidson

8. Real Jobs from Home: Make Money Online & Work from Home with 100+ Companies by Ellen Kampen

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