Doing Some Doodling

I've been doing my best to clean out my desk, clean out my closet, and just minimize my belongings in general.  It's easy when it comes to books (I donate the ones I've read to the library) and clothes (I donate the ones I've outgrown to Salvation Army) but it's harder with personal things!

I found some old sketchbooks that I was working on last summer and it's been fun to page through them.  I found this little doodle that I wanted to share!

Haha!  It's a self portrait of me when I had short hair.  It must be from a day when I worked because the royal blue collared shirt is my old work uniform.

Take care,


  1. I just moved but I have the feeling that I need to reorganize my apartment once again. I love doodling, but that self portrait of you is just adorable.

    1. Haha thanks Mary! Hope you're organizing goes well. I love a clean house/workspace. :)