Goals for October 2016

It's October 2nd, and I am ready to get to work! I have exactly 1 month until National Novel Writing Month which means that I need to plot my novel that I'm going to write.  I also have some other things I would like to accomplish this month.  Check them out below.

1.  Finish plotting my NaNoWriMo 2016 novel

2.  Finish re-watching Gilmore Girls (in preparation for when Netflix releases the new eps!)

3.  Read 3 books (and review them on my blog)

4.  Publish Better When We're Together on October 30, 2016

5.  Write 500 words of fiction a day (and track it in my excel word count file)

Do you have any big plans for this month?  What are you going to work on this month?

Take care,

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