Photo Friday: Preparing for November

Happy Friday & Welcome back to my blog!  I'm here with another photo Friday post with little snapshots that I've taken throughout the past 2 weeks.

On Saturday, my friend Chelsea and I took her baby to central market downtown.  It was a lot of fun and little Lucas was fascinated by his new surroundings.  I got a biscotti at market and ate it for breakfast the next day and it was quite delicious!

On Friday, I was listening to my Counting Crows Pandora station when Pat came over.  I was listening to it again on Saturday before work and seriously... this song.

Goofing around before work on Monday.  I love to make little collages on my phone to post on my Instagram account.

I got a new candle at Marshall's the other day and it makes my home smell so cozy.  My parents don't  like "scents" though, so I'll have to move it up to my room today. haha

I honestly just really love my moleskins's aesthetic. haha

I had to go to the post office the other day to ship something that I sold on eBay.  I also had to buy some new stamps to mail some Etsy orders.  Go Wonder Woman!

I've been reading Crossing Over for the past 2 weeks.  I finally finished it and posted my book review on Wednesday. :)

That's all for this week.

Take care,

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