Photo Friday: Writing, Library Time, & Pumpkins

Happy Friday!  TGIF!  I'm lucky enough to have the day off today, so I'm updating the blog with a few photos from my week.  I've been trying to stay busy with work, writing, and developing other creative projects for the future.

This is the top of my outline that I was writing while at the library the other night.  I'm only a couple of chapters in.  I'm reworking a story that I actually tried to start writing a few years ago.  I like this version much better.

Whenever I go to the library, I always have to check out the new releases shelf first.  I thought Love in Lowercase: A Novel sounded like an interesting read.  I sure was intrigued while checking out  the inside cover.

I found How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup in the technology and social media section of the non fiction section.  I'm looking forward to reading this one because I've been trying to monetize my blog and this might give me some good tips.

After work on Thursday I went pumpkin picking with two of my coworkers.  Orlando is planning a Fall Fest that's coming up in a few weeks and he wants 20 pumpkins so that people can carve pumpkins at the party.  We went to two different places and at the second produce stand he got a great deal!

I forced them to take a pumpkin selfie!  haha As you can probably tell, it was very sunny and very hard for us to see.  But we persevered!

So many pumpkins!  I picked up a couple of spaghetti squashes ($1/piece) and some baby pumpkins to decorate my house with.  Oh, and I bought some fresh baked cookies that are REALLY good from the second place.

What have you been up to this week?

Take care,

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