Some Must-Haves for Halloween Mail

Happy almost Halloween!  Ok.  That might be a bit premature.  But I don't care because I'm excited!  One of my favorite things about different holidays is different excuses to send Halloween Mail Art to People.

Exhibit A:  Some of my Halloween mail that I received last year.  Ok, ok.  It's a card that one of my grandmothers sent me.  haha

Exhibit B:  Some of the Halloween mail that I sent last year!

That's right!  I made a Halloween zine last year.  If you're interested in getting a copy of your own, check out my shop.

But there are also some Halloween Cards (Similar to some Valentine's, huh?) that you can send out.  I enjoy these greeting cards because they are deliciously spooky.  I especially like the typography on the Trick Or Treat card.

Or you can decorate your mail with stickers like these ones or these ones.  I find these ones pretty funny because of their goofy faces.

Or what about some Halloween Washi Tape? haha.  I love these colors and I love these designs.  I think I'm going to have to purchase these tapes to use on my mail art pieces during this time of year.

Do you send mail around the holidays?  What is your favorite way to decorate your mail art envelopes?

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