Sunday Books: Harlequin Presents

Last week my Mom was at the library and they had a card table set up with a bunch of free books.  She sorted through them and picked up a couple of old Harlequin Presents novels for me.  She knows I love old romances.

I'm pretty excited for Daughter of Hassan.  I mean, read this synopsis.

Much as she loved and respected her Arab stepfather and wanted to please him, Danielle was horrified to learn he was arranging a marriage for her, Arab fashion, to his nephew, Jourdan. 
Danielle refused outright.  And meeting Jourdan only confirmed her decision. 
He was dashing and bold and handsome, and she soon fell in love with him, but he was a man of the East, brought up to think of a woman's place as within palaces walls.  Marriage to such a man could only eventually destroy her.

So dramatic, right?  Can't wait to check these out!

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