Writing Tips: My Top 5 Places To Write

When it comes to getting my daily writing done, I can get my work done anywhere.  And that's a good thing!  I was reading Writing Habit Mastery by S.J. Scott recently and he points out that it's good to not get too accustomed to a certain space because that way you WILL be able to write anywhere.  ANYWHERE! (ok that's enough emphasis haha)

But with that being said, I do have a few go-to places.  Here is a list of my top 5 places to write.

1.  Desk

This should be an obvious answer, huh?  Desks are where people do work.  That's why offices are filled with them.  My desk is usually filled with some creative mess or project but I always keep my laptop front and center so that I can get some words in when inspiration strikes.

2.  Kitchen Table

One of my favorite things to do on my day off is to wake up, start brewing some coffee, and sit down with my laptop at the kitchen table.  If it's early I like to keep the curtains closed but if it's mid morning I open them up to let some sunshine in.  It feels good!

3.  Bed

My bed is the place where I get my writing done when I'm tired.  That means that if it's the end of the day and I realize that I haven't met my writing goal yet, I grab my laptop and crawl into my bed so that I can get some final writing done before I go to bed.

4.  Work Computer

Let's be real.  Once November comes and it's NaNoWriMo time, I will write anywhere and everywhere.  Because I work in a customer service position (hotel front desk), I have time to write during the day when there aren't many guests around.

5.  Basement Chair

Our basement is finished so we have a nice little area downstairs where you can sit and watch TV.  Last year during NaNoWriMo I would sit in one of the comfy chairs to write while having the TV turned on as background noise.  It certainly wouldn't work for everyone, but that's what works for me.

  • Where do you get your best writing done?  
  • Can you write anywhere or do you have a certain spot?

Take care,