5 Items on My Writing Bucket List

One of my favorite things about myself is that my brain is always on and my creativity is overflowing. That's not to say that I don't get writer's block from time to time.  But it is to say that I'm always overflowing with ideas for creative projects and stories that I want to write.

In this blog post, I'm going to discuss five different story ideas that I've always wanted to write but haven't gotten the chance to write yet.

1. A Romance Novel

I've read so many romance novels in my life and I'd love to write my own someday.  It would probably have to be a contemporary romance because I'm not really good at different time periods (historical romance) or vampires and s*** (paranormal romance).

2.  A Book About Journaling

Ever since I wrote my Write it Down! zine a couple of years ago, I've wanted to expand it into a full fledged book.  I've outlined a short eBook but I'm kind of confused about where I'm going with it so that project is on hold right now.  But that doesn't mean that it won't get done eventually.

3.  A Story About a Hotel

I've been working in hotels for a couple of years now and I find them very fascinating.  The guests are always unique and the employees are a tight knit group where gossip runs wildly.  I find it to be a very exciting work environment and I think that a work of fiction that took place in a resort or a bed & breakfast would be very cool!

4.  A Story About Summer Camp

I had a couple of fun summers at summer camp when I was a kid and I would love to write about those experiences, either in a story or in a nonfiction essay. I'm such a corny and nostalgic person. Haha.

5.  A Serial

I'm currently in the middle of writing my serial, but it is definitely on my bucket list to complete it!  Yes.  Complete it.  Haha.  Hopefully someday!

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