10 Ways to Stop Wasting Money as The Holidays Approach

As the calendar keeps creeping closer and closer to Thanksgiving, I realize that I need to start being a little more frugal.  I haven't done any of my Christmas shopping yet and I need to save my extra funds for that.

1.  Stop spending money on coffee

I'm not like, a Starbucks junkie or anything.  But I do spent a bit on K Cups and coffee from Sheetz.  It would be a lot more frugal to just make my coffee at home and use my travel mug.

2.  Stop spending money on fast food

I'm not going to lie... after a hard day at work, it is very tempting to buy fast food for dinner instead of making something on my own.  But that needs to stop.  It's not good for me and it's not cost effective.

3.  Stop buying books

This is a hard one.  Haha!  But let's be real... I have so many books that are sitting on my kindle right now that I need to read and review.  Plus there's the library.  I don't need to be buying any more books right now.

4.  Don't waste money on parking

One of my doctor's office's is located downtown and even though they have a parking lot around the back of their building, it gets full really quickly.  I'm not great at parallel parking so I usually just go for the easy spots out front which have parking meters.  But next time, I should park around one of the side streets so that I don't waste money that I don't have to on parking.

5.  Stop buying snacks at work

This is a big one.  If I was packing fulfilling lunches from home, I wouldn't splurge so many times on potato chips at work.

6. Clothes Buying Ban

This is an easy one because I already have enough clothes.  No more wasting money on clothes!  I have my uniform for work, some dress clothes, and plenty of casual clothes for when I'm off work.  I'm putting a ban on myself -- no buying clothes for the rest of November.

7. Stop buying frozen foods

I spend too much on frozen foods at the grocery store.  I buy them because I think they'll be simpler to cook, but they're too expensive and they don't fill me up.  I'd be better off with fresh foods.

8.  Utilize my coupons better

I've been doing a good job at saving money with coupons, but I could definitely be doing better!  Something to think about this month.

9.  Try to buy groceries only when they're on sale

This is a hard one, but it's worth a shot, right?  I need to get better about looking through the circulars and buying groceries that are on sale.  It's always so tempting to get distracted by the displays at the stores, especially with the holidays coming up.

10.  Sensible Spending

When it all comes down to it, as you can tell buy the last nine bullet points, I just need to be more sensible with my spending.  If you have any tips, feel free to share in the comments section.

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