How To Keep Going With Your Creative Projects (When You Lack Motivation)

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows that I always have a creative project going on.  I read books.  I write books.  I make zines.  I take pictures.  I craft.  I blog.  And when I get bored, I assign myself random projects like putting together coloring books for work.  It's never ending!

But that doesn't mean I don't have moments of being unmotivated and lacking creativity. Because I do!  But here are some tips I have to help stay on track and get things done.

1.  Make a List

We all know I'm a big proponent of writing things down.  I would say that making a list of the projects that you want to accomplish is one of the best ways to get started on achieving your goals. How can you accomplish more if you're not even sure what you want to accomplish?

2.  Schedule Your Free Time

When I am in the midst of creating,  I schedule my free time (which is basically any time that I am not at work).  First I plan out my social things like going out with my friends, seeing my boyfriend, and spending time with my family.

Then I move onto my creative projects.  For instance, if I'm not doing anything on Wednesday night I might set myself a word count goal for my writing or I might try to crochet a certain amount of rows in the blanket that I'm currently working on.

3.  Don't Fret About Anything

What's that?  All you did was watch reruns of Friends on Netflix today?  That's fine.  It's cool. Don't fret.

Every day can't be super productive, right?  Otherwise you'll burn out and no one wants that.

Breaks are necessary so that we can create our best work.  If you took a break today, just come up with a plan for tomorrow so that you can get back to it!

Those are just some guidelines that I follow so that I can keep creating in a timely manner. Feel free to share your own tips in the comments section.

Take care,

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