My First Time Shopping with LulaRoe

Imagine my surprise when I showed up at work on saturday and they were having a LulaRoe drop-in event in our palm court.  How neat!  I was immediately enamored with all of the bright colors and exiting patterns on the pieces of clothing.

As I walked through the aisles, it took me a few minutes to get the hang of the event.  But a nice woman showed me the ropes and explained all of the pricing to me.  She also gave me a rundown of her different products and explained how the sizing works, which was really helpful.

I wound up making three purchases!  That's a bit much to be honest, but everything was so cute and I just got paid on Friday so... Yeah.  Haha.

First, I purchased two of what is called the Cassie skirt.  I was debating between this and another style but these skirts will be perfect for the days that I work at Corporate.  I think they'll also be good for date nights!

I also purchased this Nicole dress.  It's such a lovely style and I adore the design but I accidentally bought a size too small.  Oops!  I bought an XS and I am 5'2" and 140 lbs. The XS is just a little too tight on me.  

If you think this dress would fit you, feel free to reach out to me because I am looking to sell it for a discounted price.  The tags are still on it.

Have you ever shopped from LulaRoe?  I am so excited about these clothes.  I think they'll be a great boost to my winter wardrobe.

Take care,

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