Saturday Six: Some Helpful Tips

Happy Saturday and welcome back to my blog!  It's basically mid-November right now which means that I am working on my NaNoWriMo novel and panicking about falling behind, so this post was scheduled a couple of weeks ago.

1.  Have you ever wondered if it was the idea DAWNED on him or the idea DONNED on him?  I have.  I googled it a couple of weeks ago while I was writing and found this article to explain it to me.

2.  I like this post on The Daily Femme about how to find clarity when your blog has too many directions.  So helpful to me right now, as I try to figure out what my blog is about.

3.  I've been admiring blanket scarves lately.  They just look so cozy and perfect to cocoon in.  There's an article on about how to style them.

4. Also... calendars are on my radar right now.  It's basically the end of the year, right? Haha.  Plannerisms shares their tips for buying a planner here.

5.  Not to brag or anything, but I like this watercolor pumpkin that I painted.  I was just goofing around with my paints last week on my day off.  I'm still learning so I did some research on watercolor painting tips afterward.

6.  I'm full in the swing of watching Christmas movies on The Hallmark Channel. haha.  They help me relax and they make me happy.  But that has me thinking about baking Christmas cookies.  Would it be wrong to start baking before Thanksgiving?

That's all for this week!

Take care,

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