Saturday Six: Writer's Resources

Happy Saturday and welcome back to my blog!  This is a prescheduled blog post because NaNoWriMo is still going on.  Today I'm going to share six websites that are valuable resources for getting help with your writing.

1.  Grammar Girl - Their tagline is "quick and dirty tips", which is exactly what you get!  My 12th grade english teacher introduced me to this site so I've used it for questions I have about form AND creative writing.

2.  Daily Writing Tips -  This is a site that I've found only recently but it helps me a lot with word usage.

3.  Grammarly -  This is a free grammar checker that can help you out a lot, whether you're writing a paper or you're writing a work of fiction.

4.  Purdue Online Writing Lab -  This is more of an education resource, but I like to use it because now that I'm not a student anymore, I don't really have anywhere else to turn!

5.  Thesaurus - I do own a dictionary, but unfortunately I do not own a thesaurus.  That means that I use this website to help me find the words that I'm looking for when I know what I want to say, but I'm looking for a more interesting way to say it.

6. WordCounter - I am VERY guilty of over using certain words in my writing.  WordCounter helps me find out what words I am overusing so that when I go back and edit, I can make my writing a little bit more interesting.

Do you have any websites or resources that you would recommend?

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