On December, Reading, & Finishing Projects

Good evening and Happy Friday!  Today marks the third day of December and I am quite happy about that.  I'm not so happy about the reports of possible snow for next week, but that's ok.  We'll see what happens.

That being said, November was a pretty good month for me.

Accomplishments for November:

  • I published Better When We're Together in the Amazon Kindle Store.
  • I'm making progress on my handmade Christmas gifts for this year.
  • I started going back to the gym.  

Handmade Christmas Gifts: Exhibit A

The other week when we were bowling, Pat asked me if I would make him a Christmas ornament.  I wound up having two ideas that I really liked so I made him two.

One is a standard Christmas ball that I swirled blue and white paint in, because he's a Penn State alum and big football fan.  The other is a clay ornament of his roommate's cat! Haha.  While I was growing up my Mom always gave us a Christmas ornament every year that had to do with our hobbies or interests and so I wanted these ornaments to have something to do with him.

Those Pesky Things Called Books...

I've been pretty bad about reading lately.  Oops.  But I'm going to try to be better this month.  I have a couple of books that I really need to read and review here on the blog.

Finishing Projects

"Why can't you finish what you've started? Why can't you try and understand?" -Motion City Soundtrack
I miss Motion City Soundtrack.  Why did they have to break up?

Anyway, I feel like I've been in a good place as far as my productivity lately and I also feel like I'm in a good place as far as finishing projects.  Yay! I'm going to keep up my writing and editing schedules and see where that takes me in the new year.  If anything, it's nice to have a distraction from worrying about my day job/stressing about the future.

Take care,

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