Book Review: Cherry Ames, Cruise Nurse


Cherry Ames is back, just as you remember her! The books are just as you remember them, retaining the same look, feel, and sense of adventure and patriotism as when they were first published. With fully illustrated color covers and a soft-finished hardcover format just like the originals, these books will transport you back to the days when you were reading about this spunky young nurse. Series editor and registered nurse Harriet Forman was inspired by, and remains a devoted fan of, Cherry Ames: "...I was going to follow in her footsteps and become a nurse—nothing else would do."Worn out from an exhausting year of working as a visiting nurse in New York, Cherry takes a 'vacation' as staff nurse on a two weeks cruise to Curacao. Cherry's working vacation on a glamorous cruise ship entangles her in a search for a hidden stash of rare ambergris.

My Thoughts:

I first discovered Cherry Ames when I went through my Nancy Drew reading phase last winter.  I was looking through the shelves of juvenile fiction at the library when I stumbled upon a series about a young nurse.  I enjoyed the first book and have been reading to read more.  I found out through Amazon that somebody bought the rights to Helen Wells' series and republished them in eBook format so that the girls/women (and boys/men, to be fair) of today could read them and be inspired by Cherry!

I like Cherry a lot because she takes her nursing career very seriously and she doesn't let anybody get her down.  Her patients always come first and when she makes mistakes, she admits them.  I think those are very admirable qualities that young readers can aspire to.

This story was especially interesting because it took place at sea.  Cherry takes a working vacation so that she can be a nurse on a cruise ship.  She meets a lot of interesting people and spends a lot of time with one patient, little Timmy, in particular.  While caring for Timmy, Cherry finds herself in the middle of a mystery that is centered around one of the guests staying down the hall from him and his mother.

It's not a life changing mystery or anything, but I found myself really enjoying this story.  It was a short & fun read and exactly what I needed after my last read.  It sure seems like I'm on a mystery kick right now, doesn't it?

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