Writing Tips: Taking a Risk & Entering My First Writing Contest

Those of you who know me in real life know that I am... a sensitive person.  I'm also a people pleaser.  I want everyone to like me and one of my biggest stressors is the idea of being perceived negatively.

After reading that, you're probably wondering why I'm entering a writing contest where my chances of winning or being runner up are very slim.

Well, there are a few reasons and I'm going to outline them for you below.

1.  It's a writing challenge.

I haven't written very many short stories in my life.  I've mainly worked on novellas and book series. This will be a great exercise as I learn to be concise with my words in order to make the word count limit.

2.  I have nothing to lose

What do I have to lose if I enter this contest?  Nothing.  If the judges don't like my story, who cares?  It's not like I'll ever hear back from them, so I won't have to deal with critiques.

3.  I finally get to write my hotel story!

They say to write what you know, and I know hotels.  I've been wanting to write this story for over a year now and I finally have a reason to do it.

Those all seem like good reasons to me.  Check back o Friday for some resources that I'm using as I research the craft of short story writing.

Take care,

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