Writing Tips: Resources for Short Story Writers

For the past few years, the main focus of my writing projects has been length, specifically words count. I've been trying to write the full-fledged novels that I've always dreamed of writing.

But as I'm taking on this new short story writing project, I've realized that I could use some studying up on short story writing because I have no idea how to condense a story into a mere 1500 words.

Below are some links to articles and blog posts that I've read over as I've worked on the plotting, pacing, and actual creation of my short story.

I'm also using a book that I got from the Biblion bookstore in Lewes, Delaware that was written by a local author.  It's called How To Write Winning Short Stories by Nancy Sakaduski.

So there you have it!  Writing a shorts story is much different than writing a novel, but I think I'm up to the challenge.  Are you?

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