Writing Tips: Why You Should Brag About That Book You Wrote

A few weeks ago when I was visiting my brother in Philly, we were sitting across from each other at a table in the Macy's Starbucks.  He had a black coffee, I had a flat white.  We were taking turns sharing stories about work and our significant others and other funny things.  I mentioned casually that I had published my first full-length novel for Amazon kindle and he had all kinds of questions.

"How many pages is it?"  He asked.

I took a sip and thought about it.  "286, if I remember correctly."

"What's it about?"

I glossed over the summary for him, figuring that he wouldn't care to hear all of the details about my young adult Christmas novel.  But surprisingly enough, he was interested.  He admited that it wasn't the kind of book that he would read in his spare time but that he thought it was pretty cool.

"Not many people can say they've actually finished writing a book."  He pointed out.

I had never thought about that, but he had a good point.  And that's when I realized that I shouldn't be embarrassed telling people about my book if I think that they won't like it.  Who cares?  I wrote the kind of story that I would like to read, and that is pretty damn cool!

Reasons Why You Should Tell People About Your Book:

  1. Because you worked really hard on it.
  2. Because people like to read things by people they know.  Why do you think independent book stores have "local writers" sections?  Because it's really cool to think that with hard work and determination, anyone can achieve their book-writing dreams.
  3. Because you never know who enjoys reading what genres. You just never know.

If you haven't finished writing your book yet, let this serve as your inspiration to sit down at your desk and get cracking! Haha.  I've been writing fiction since I was in middle school and I just finished writing my first book within the last year.  

I won't do the math for you, but think about it.  That means I've been spending year after year after year writing down words and coming up with cool ideas for stories but never fully completing them. Yikes!  There's no use dwelling on the past, though.  All we can do is plan for the future, and I want you to plan to tell people about that book you just published.

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