Why You Should Track Your Reading

A couple of years ago I went on a beach vacation with my maternal grandparents.  Why?  That's a long story.  But to make a long story short, it was a hot July afternoon and I was helping my grandmother pack her things.  She packed a lot of paperback books for reading, but she also packed a notebook.

"I track all of the books that I read in here."  She said.  "I write a little bit about it and what date I finished it on."

That made me smile because I think it's important to track what you read as well.  Whether you use a paper or pen, or a website like goodreads, the important thing is to jot down what you read and when.

Why you should track what you read:

  1. So that you can look back at all of the books you've read.
  2. So that you have a reference for when you can't remember what that book is with the boy wizard with the lighting bolt scar (hint:  it's Harry Potter ;) )
  3. Because lists are fun.

How to track what you read:

  1. Keep a notebook
  2. Use a website like Goodreads.  You can even set a yearly reading challenge for yourself.
  3. Print out the My Reading List worksheet and keep it nearby for all of your reading tracking needs.

That's right!  Download the My Reading List worksheet for free!

Because you never know... In five years you're going to look back at your reading lists from the past few years and be incredibly impressed with yourself.  Like, "I read all of these books?  DAMMMMMMN!"

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