February Goals (& Reflections on January)

Happy February!  I don't want to be that person who goes on and on every month about how they can't believe that it's the next month already, but man!  January went by pretty fast.  That means it's time to check in on my goals for last month to track my progress.

January Goals:

  1.  Finish editing Make Me Believe
  2.  Finish first draft of Write It Down eBook
  3.  Get 300 followers on Pinterest
  4.  Keep One Good Thing journal

Overall, I am pretty pleased with how I did on my goals this month.  While I'm not quite finished with my edits for Make Me Believe I did make good progress.  I've also finished my very rough first draft of the Write It Down eBook, but it will need quite a bit of editing.  As far as Pinterest goes, I did make it to 300 followers on January 26th, 5 days ahead of schedule.  And my One Good Thing journal is going great.  I've been using my Moleskine Calendar Journal that I purchased on Amazon to write down a little bit about every single day.  By the end of the year I'll have a whole book of thoughts!


  1.  I read 3 books
    1. He Will Be My Ruin
    2. Cherry Ames, Cruise Nurse
    3. These Are The Moments
  2.  Participated in Mariah Coz's Write Your Free Email Course Challenge
  3.  Finished writing my short story for the Central PA Writing Contest
  4.  Participated in Fuzzy & Birch's Etsy Makeover Challenge

February Goals:

  1.  Complete first round of edits for Make Me Believe
  2.  Finish second draft of Write It Down eBook
  3.  Get to 400 Pinterest followers
  4.  Read 4 books
  5.  Finish Get Over It rewrite outline

That will be quite a bit of work, considering the fact that I am also starting my new job this month. But can I do it?  Sure thing!  I believe in myself.  What goals will you be setting for yourself this month?

Take care,

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