Marian's Guide to Positive Living: Part 1

Marian's Guide to Positive Living is a 3 part blog series that will be leading up to the announcement of my new (& free!) journaling workbook on Friday February 17, 2017.

Happy Saturday & Welcome back to my blog!  Today is the first day of my 3 part blog series about staying positive, upbeat, and inspired in your everyday life.  This is all leading up to my free 5-day journaling workbook which will be announced next Friday.

The topic I will be talking about in my first installment of Marian's Guide to Positive Living is living in an inspired space.

Let me tell you a little bit about my living situation.  Yes.  I am twenty-five years old and still living with my Mom and Dad.  I used to be ashamed of this but I've realized that there are a lot of other millenials in the same situation as me and it is best to be forthright, because that's life!  Everybody does things in their own time and way.

Now that that's out of the way.

I've learned that it's important to remember that it's not our house, it's their house.  My parents are happy to have me but that doesn't mean I should take advantage of them.  I buy groceries, I do chores and other tasks, I keep my room clean.

My room.  That is my place to relax, to create, to do my best thinking.  To me, my bedroom is my inspired space.  That is where I write my books.  That is where I read books!  Follow the tips below to create your own inspired space.

Tips for Creating Your Inspired Space

1.  Get rid of the clutter

That's right, friends.  Cleaning out is important and I know that from experience.  Why?  Because just a few weeks ago my bedroom looked like this.

Not Organized Room

I know.  Yikes.  Stuff everywhere.  But to be fair, I was in the middle of a deep cleanse/simplifying frenzy and it's a lot better now.

Nicely organized room!

A lot less cluttered, right?  There are a lot of reasons why I like to keep my room organized like this and here are the top reasons.

  • As a typically anxious person, have a less cluttered space makes me feel less overwhelmed
  • Less things means less distraction from the work I want to do (like writing)
  • The less things I have, the less cleaning I have to do (true story)

2.  Use your memories as decor inspo

You might take away from my need to declutter that I am a collector of things, and that is probably true.  I love to have photos, art, postcards ticket stubs, fortunes, and other paraphernalia around my room because they make me happy. They also serve as part of my decor for my bedroom walls.

Wall Art

I think my different collages and pieces of art add a lot to my room and make it pretty.  It also puts my memories to good use because these photos and postcards could be sitting off in a photo album on one of my shelves, but instead they're being displayed proudly.

3.  Stay Organized

It took me a while (as in a few weeks) to get my room to look this way, but it's finally organized.  All my work clothes are hanging up in my closet and all of my books are on my shelves.  All of my important papers are stored in file folders and in my cubby dividers.

My organized clothes!

How long will my room stay this way?  Hopefully for a while!  Because after all of the work that went into getting organized, it should certainly be a lot easier to stay organized.  I hope.

Why It's Important To Have An Inspired Space

You need to have a place that is all your own.  I think that's why some people have offices in their house.  Sure, a bedroom is nice.  But let's say you're married.  It's not really your own space, ya know?

There are a few key things to remember.
  • concise (no clutter)
  • decor (make the space yours)
  • organization (keep the things you need nearby)
That's all for today.  Check back on Monday for the next post in my guide to positive living series and check back next Friday to get your free journaling workbook!

Take care,

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