A Winter Trip To Philly

You might remember that I took the train to Philly to visit my brother last month, in my Holiday Trip to Philly blog post.  This month I'm back at it again!  This time My Mom accompanied me.  We drove to Philly this time so that we could hit the King of Prussia Shopping Center on our way back.

9:30 AM - We hit the road!  I brought my Gin Blossoms CD's as road trip music because I'm trying to learn all of their best songs by the time I go to their concert in February. Haha.

11:00 AM - We stop by my brother's house in West Philly to pick him up.  As it turns out, he went to a party the night before so we had to wait for him to a) get home and b) changes his clothes.

Some Philly Views

11:30 AM -  Arrived at our hotel and found a parking spot in the lot attached to the hotel.  There was a room ready early so our Guest Service Associate let us check in early.  How sweet!  I made sure to write the hotel a really nice review on Trip Advisor.

12:00 PM - Walked over to the Reading Terminal Market and grab lunch.  We decided to stop at a stand with Ribs (and rib sandwiches), potato wedges, and mac and cheese.  Good old comfort food.

Pictures of Philly & My Family

1:00 PM - Through a maze of subways and trolleys we arrived at The Mutter museum and spent an hour looking around.

2:30 PM - We stopped at a small shopping to grab coffee and reassess what we wanted to do for the afternoon.

3:00 PM - We decided to do a little window shopping and head back to the hotel so that we could relax.

Brendan, Mom, and I

7:45 PM - Time for the comedy show!  Brendan took us to Good Good Comedy Theatre (which is where he does shows and stand up) to see a show called Make Up or Break Up.  It was hilarious!  It was a couples game show where the host tried to break everyone up. Haha.  I know it might sound mean spirited, but it was actually quite entertaining.  And no one broke up.

Good Good Comedy Theatre

10:30 PM - We weren't quite sure where to eat because a lot of the bars near our hotel were packed, so we decided to have a late dinner at the hotel restaurant, Standing O.  Since it was technically my birthday dinner I had a Pineapple Express (yummy martini) and a cheesesteak.

That night we said goodbye to Brendan.  The next morning My Mom and I checked out and went home, but first we stopped at King of Prussia Shopping Mall so that we could do some shopping.  I found some great deals on business casual clothes for my new job.  I think my new favorite store is Primark!

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