A Weekend Away & Some Blogging Changes

As you can probably tell from the title of this blog post, I've gone away for the weekend.  By Wednesday night I just really felt like I needed to get away so I tagged along with my parents to their beach house for the weekend in Delaware.

Last night we got in to town around nine o'clock and then we went out for St. Patrick's Day.  And let me tell you... I've never been to a bar with my parents before but it was QUITE the treat.  Haha.  I'm surprised we're not all a bit more hungover.

But anyway, I'm updating my blog today because I realized that I want to take it in another direction. For the last year or so I've been focusing more on developing my writing career and my posts have been a lot more informational than personal.  But being an infopreneur just isn't for me so I'm going to be taking my blog in a slightly different direction moving forward!

What you can expect from this blog:

→ Life updates
→ Writing updates
→ Book Reviews
→ Photos
→ Creative articles

Since you've already gotten a brief life update at the beginning of this post, let's move on to some writing updates, shall we?


I am having so much fun with Wattpad right now.  I love reading other author's stories and I love sharing my writing as well.  Right now you can read 3 of my works on there.
Get Over It
Make Me Believe

Quietly Written Etsy Shop

New items are being added to my shop all the time!  For instance, I just listed some new paper packs last week.

If you're feeling creative and want to start a new project, make sure to keep checking back because I have a ton of paper packs that I will be listing little by little in my shop.  They're perfect for collages, mail art, decorating your journals, making cards and all kinds of other activities.

@Quietlywrittenshop on Instagram

That's right!  My etsy shop now has it's own instagram account, so if you're a fan on my zines you might want to check it out.  That way you get the first updates on all of my new projects!

Take care,
to keep up to date with all my latest ramblings! :)

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