March Goals (& Reflections on February)

Happy March!  We have already reached the third month of the year and that is exciting!  Right? Right! Let's get started with reflecting on February and developing some goals for next month, shall we?

February Goals

  1.  Complete first round of edits for Make Me Believe
  2.  Finish second draft of Write It Down eBook
  3.  Get to 400 Pinterest followers
  4.  Read 4 books
  5.  Finish Get Over It rewrite outline

Overall, I didn't do very well on my goals for this month.  Sigh.  I don't want to rely on excuses to make myself feel better, but I was pretty busy this month.  Haha.  But with that being said I did read 4 books and I did get to 400 Pinterest followers.  407 to be exact.  So yay!

As for my writing projects, I will be carrying those over until next month as well.  So I need to finish my first round of edits for Make Me Believe, finish writing the Write It Down ebook, and finish writing the Get Over It Outline.

And my reading goal?  I only read 2 books this month and one of them was incredibly short. I am going to review them on my blog though.  But for next month, I'll have more books to talk about because I'm actually half finished with a few.

March Goals

  1. Finish first round of edits for Make Me Believe
  2. Finish second draft of Write It Down eBook
  3. Get to 500 Pinterest followers
  4. Read 3 books (and write reviews)
  5. Write 25,000 words of fiction

So I might not have made all of my goals for last month, but February was a short month after all. Haha.  Excuses, excuses. What are your goals for this year?  Let me know in the comments!

Take care,

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