Cover Reveal for Alicia (& A Release Date)

Good evening, fiction friends!  This is a scheduled blog post because I'm at the beach for the weekend, but I wanted to share some pretty pertinent information about my newest novel, Alicia.

Cover Reveal

Let's address the most important piece of info, which is that I have a cover for Alicia now.

It turned out pretty cute, huh?  I used the designer I always use and I'm so pleased with the result.  It's simple and cute and it ever so slightly hints at the plot of the novel.  If you're wondering if the plot of this book has to do with kissing, then you would be correct.  Haha.

Release Date

Alicia will be released on May 1, 2017 on Amazon kindle.  If you'd be interested in reading/reviewing Alicia and then posting your reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, hit me up!  Visit my contact page for my email address and we can further discuss the details. :)

ALSO... I just wanted to remind you that you can read the first 6 chapters of Alicia for free on Wattpad.  So feel free to check it out if you like young adult fiction.

Other Platform Releases?

I was listening to the Creative Penn Podcast on one of my evening walks last week and the episode was an interview with author Liliana Hart.  In it, she discussed why she offers her books on multiple platfors like amazon and kobo and iBooks.  I was definitely inspired and once Alicia releases, I'd like to work on learning how to format and upload on those other platforms as well.  Who knows?  Maybe my target audience is mainly reading on a different kind of device than kindle/kindle app.

That's all for tonight!

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