Entrepreneur Experiment: Focusing on Quantity of Sales for 1 month in my Etsy Business

The Experiment

For the month of May 2017 I will be using new branding, new marketing, and new listings to increase my number of sales, paying attention to quantity of sales over profit.  I've been wondering how to make more consistent sales for quite some time and experimenting seemed like the best way to figure out what works best for my creative business.

The Steps

I have created a blogging schedule throughout the month with updates on the different branding and marketing changes I will be making.  Even though I'll be implementing them at the beginning of the month, I've spread out the blog posts throughout all of May so that I don't overwhelm anybody (including myself! haha).  Take a look below for a sneak peek!

Blogging Schedule

5.1.17 - On the first I will be revealing the new icons and banners for my shop and explain how I chose them/how they were created.

5.2.17 - On May 2nd I will discuss the new product photos for each of my listings, as well as talk about any suggestions I have for lighting, editing, and whatnot.

5.10.17 - Release day!  My new zine (The Many Journals of Marian Elizabeth) will be released.  Talk about how preorders went and if there are any reactions to my new product.

5.13.17 - DIY day!  On the thirteenth I will show you how I made the backdrop I use in my photos.

5.15.17 - Talk about the edits for my listings such as rewriting the titles, using all of the photo spaces, and the very mysterious world of #tags

5.17.17 - Discuss the first half of the month and how sales are.  Explain that for the rest of the month we're mainly going to focus on shipping orders, and on minimal forms of marketing like twitter and instagram.

5.31.17 - To be as transparent as I can with my business, I will be sharing a graph of my monthly sales as well as discuss what items sold.  I will discuss what I learned from the experiment and what I plan to change in the future, in order to continue to grow my business.

Sound like a plan?  Cool!  I hope you'll visit in May to watch me attempt to better my business.  :)

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