Experimenting with Etsy Listing Photos (To Make More Sales)

Hey there, creative friends.  Today I'm going to talk about how your product photos can make or break your etsy listings.

Back in 2011 when I first attempted to venture into selling on etsy, I was making greeting cards.  I never actually sold any cards (except for a custom set of Christmas cards I sold to my Mom! Lol) and that was probably for a variety of reasons.  But I can tell you one thing:  my listing photos were certainly not helping!

Some adjectives to describe this photo: Dark.  Uneven.  Off center.  And not to mention you can't properly see all of the products I'm trying to sell!  This was 5 years and while I find this a bit mortifying, I'm also happy to say I've learned a lot since then!

This is a picture of some of the changes I am implementing in my listing photos this month.  My biggest thing is combining digital & physical to make a visually pleasing product photo.

What do I mean?  Well, take a look at my steps for photographing my zines.

1.  Scan cover of zine into my computer.

2.  Create social media image in Canva with a colorful (and eye catching background)

3.  Upload and center.

4.  Save and upload to etsy.

It's takes a good bit of time to get each scan and photo to look the way I want it to which is why I haven't finished the whole shop yet, just the first six products.

But that's the point of this month's Entrepreneur Experiment.  I want to work on everything throughout the month to see if I can increase my number of sales.

Care to check it out?

Visit my Shop Here!

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