Go Go Go! Being Busy In Business & Life

This week has been one of those weeks that feels like it goes on FOREVER!  For those of you who haven't met me IRL, trust me when I say that I'm very introverted.  I love doing things with friends and meeting new people, but I can only take so much.  One of my favorite things is sitting at home and relaxing.  Boring, but true.

So I've been pretty active this week and it hasn't left me much time for my projects like my etsy shop, my writing, and media like television or books.

Here's a rundown of everything that I've done this week:

Monday: Work & Dollar Pizza Night w/ my fam
Tuesday: Work & a Doctor's Appt
Wednesday: Work & my part-time job
Thursday: Work & dinner with my bf
Friday: Work & family dinner & comedy show with my fam & bf
Saturday: Part-time job (last day! woot!) and family dinner and grocery shopping
Sunday: Day off & Mothers Day Breakfast & dinner and movie with my work friends

The Good:

I'm being social.  Yay!  I'm like... a normal person.

The Bad:

I'm kinda tired from staying up so many nights.  But I did get to sleep in on Sunday morning before I got up to prepare lunch, so that's cool.

I will be working on a re-evaluation of my monthly goals this week.  We're almost halfway through May and I want to make sure I accomplish as much as possible.

Take care,

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