Self Care Tip: Make Time For the Things You LOVE

If you don't make time in your daily schedule for the activities you love, you will perish.  PERISH! And it will not be pretty.

Did I scare you?  Good.  That was my intention.

I figured I'd use a scare tactic first because that way I could get right down to my main point, which is making time in your daily schedule for the hobbies that you love.


Below, I'll list a few of the things I like to do when I'm not at work.  These hobbies are all good for me in different ways.  Exercising keeps me healthy, reading keeps me interesting and inquisitive, writing is part of my creative business, and creating is a great way to keep from being stressed.

  • Exercising
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Creating

Those are some of my favorites, but I'm sure you have your own hobbies and interests.  Once you realize what you like to do, it's important to think about how you can fit your interests into your day.


  1. While I exercise, I listen to podcasts on topics such as reading & writing.  Whether I'm at the gym or on a walk around the neighborhood it's a fun way to get my daily exercise in.
  2. I usually read for the last fifteen minutes of my lunch break at work.  It's not a lot of time, but it keeps me immersed in my stories, because if I go too long without reading I forget what the book is about.  Haha.
  3. I work on my writing daily.  Even if it's just for a little.  That's because I want to make a career out of writing and I need all the practice I can get.
  4. Creating.  Whether it's putting together packaging for an Etsy order or creating a piece for my art journal, I love creating.  It helps keep me relaxed when I'm on the edge of feeling stressed.

What To Remember:

We're all busy.  Whether it's work or school or taking care of your family. everybody has something important to do that takes up a huge chunk of their day.

And that is totally fine!

But remember that it doesn't matter how much time you dedicate to your interests.  All that matters is that you do it!

That's all for today.  Wishing all the mothers out there a VERY happy Mother's Day.  I'm making breakfast for my Mom -- a spinach bacon quiche!

Take care,

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