Dreaming of Sun & Ocean Waves: A Beach Accessory Round Up

I had a very nice day off yesterday!  After spending the morning at the garage (getting an estimate on the damage from the accident I was in), I had a very peaceful day.  My afternoon consisted of eating leftover pizza, going on a long walk, getting a suntan, and watching the new season of Orange Is The New Black.

The warm and sunny day made me realize that I would really like to have a local pool membership this summer, so on Monday I'm going to call the parks & rec department to find out what I need to do to become a member.

In the meantime, I've been daydreaming about the different things that are completely and totally necessary for having at the beach or the pool this summer.  (A little shopping never hurt anyone, right?)

1.  Sunglasses

Sunglasses (or sunnies) are obviously the most important part of being in the sun, right?  You want to have a pair that protects your eyes as well as looks cute on you.

I really like this pair because they have a blue tint, but they're also basically clear.  They'd look perfect at the pool or when you're trying to get a little reading done at the beach.

All of the pairs I have had in the past have been darker.  Except for this awesome pink glitter pair I had.  We won't talk about what happened to them because it's still hard for me. (Spoiler alert:  I accidentally stepped on them.

2.  Beach Towel

When I was a kid and my Mom would take us to the pool, we always had matching towels.  I'm pretty sure my Mom would just stop by J.C. Penney and pick out a matching set so that my brothers and I wouldn't fight.  But now, there are a lot of cool towels out there (although I'm sure some are better quality than others).

I love flamingos so these Betsey Johnson towels really stood out to me.  I especially like the blue one with the two flamingos in love! Haha.  So cute!

3. Sunscreen

I may have only been out in the sun for a few hours on Saturday, but my skin was definitely a little pink afterwards.  That's because I didn't wear any sunscreen, which is one of summer's most very important accessories.

It's very important to protect your skin in order to avoid skin cancer and other issues related to too much sun.  Take care of yourself, just like I'll be taking care of myself with this set of Banana Boat sunscreen spray.

Let me know in the comments... do you prefer traditional sunscreen or spray sunscreen?  I like the spray because it's easy to apply, but I'm not sure if it lasts as long.  I don't know if that's true. Haha.

4.  Flip Flops

I normally buy my flip flops from Old Navy but I think every woman should have a special pair of sandals for beach and poolside!

I really like this pair (in the picture) because they're not too fancy.  They're like enhanced flip flops!  They look like they would be comfortable for walking in the wed sand.  (maybe not the dry sand.

So to recap, my beach essentials are:

  • Sunglasses
  • Beach towels
  • Sunscreen
  • & Sandals
I'm not going to recommend any bathing suits because everybody's body is different and everybody looks good in different kinds of swim wear. :)  Let me know in the comments how you're preparing for the swim and the sun!

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