Freebie Friday: Clip Art to Decorate Your 4th of July Photos

To download your free printable, click here!

I've embarked on an exciting endeavor this week, friends.  What's that?  I'm very slowly teaching myself how to use Adobe Illustrator.  And as we know, the key to learning a new skill is to practice, practice, practice.

Have you seen my first illustration? Haha.  I drew the umbrella by hand and edited it in illustrator.  I was pretty pleased with myself, to be honest.  I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this!

Case in point... I've designed some cute little pieces of clip art to decorate your 4th of July selfies and vacations photos, if you're on vacation like me.  (Work gave us the 3rd and 4th off, so it's a 4 day weekend.  SCORE!

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

To download your free printable, click here!

You can either:
  1. Download your clip art straight from Dropbox.  These are .png files with transparent backgrounds
  2. Log into your dropbox account to save them their, and then download!

Make sure to tag me @quietlywritten if you wind up using this clip art on your instagram! :)

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