How to Add to the Reading & Writing Blog Community

Good morning, friends!  Marian here, with an informational post about how to get involved in the book blog & writing blog community.  I've been thinking a lot lately about how I want to blog more, but I'm not really sure how to contribute to my niche.  This blog post will be divided into two different categories (reading & writing) so that I can share my research with you on different ways to participate.

Let's get started!


1.  Book Blogging Memes

I first dicovered these when I took my first foray into book blogging when I was in college.  They're a fun way to hone your writing as well as talk about the books that you love!  My favorites were always Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke And The Bookish and Waiting On Wednesday by Breaking The Spine.

I consider these blogging prompts, of sorts.  For a more cohesive list check out The Master List of Book Blogging Memes by girlxoxo.  Their list is great because they show that there's a way to participate, every day of the week.

2.  Goodreads

Goodreads is an amazing website because it rounds up readers of all ages and all locations to talk about the different books that they like (and sometimes dislike).  I first discovered Goodreads when I was in college and have been having fun with it ever since.

Ways to join in?
  • Add friends!  Invite your irl friends to join or bond with other like minded folks in the message boards.  Your friend list will grow in no time!
  • Add reviews.  Love a book?  Write about it!  Loathe a book?  Write about it.  I know that goodreads is one of the first places I look when I'm trying to get an honest feel about a book or series.

3.  Bookstagram

Don't quote me here, but I believe that Bookstagram is a combination of "Book" & "Instagram". People use this tag to show pretty arrangments and photos of their book collections and other bookish finds.  Care to join in?  Use tags like #bookstagram #reading and #books for starters!

And if you need some examples, click here.  These are the beautiful photos I see when I search for Bookstagram on Tumblr.


1.  Share your work on your blog

That's what blogs are for, right?  Use yours as a way to share your poetry, fiction, nonfiction, zines, chap books, and other writing projects.  If you have a following of friends, you can even ask for critiques and tips for ways to make your work better.

2.  Share your work on Wattpad

Some people are waiting for publishing contracts, but other authors want readers to take a look at their stories NOW.  You can self publish your works on Wattpad, little by little, so that readers will ready your book chapter by chapter.  By the time you're done posting, they'll be dying to know what happens next!

3.  Look for prompts & challenges online!

Sometimes I just need to do a little free writing to get back in the writing mood, and using prompts from the internet is a great way to start.  Here are some places where you can find writing prompts.

That's what I came up with for today's blog posts.  Have any ideas you'd like to share?  Feel free to share in the comments.  

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