My 5 Tips for Having the BEST Weekend Getaway Ever

This weekend is going to be a quiet one.  But you might remember that last weekend I went to Scranton Zine Fest all by myself!  And while I was scared to attend an event across the state all by myself, it turned out to be awesome!  I had a wonderful time.  Here's how I did it.

1.  Take Chances!

You might have read in my recap of the event that I signed up for my own table at the last minute. It's true!  I did.  And I'm very happy that I did because it was just the push I needed to actually get to the event.  A few years ago I tried to go to the same festival but I was too scared and chickened out.  But not anymore.  I believed in myself and I did it!

So take changes!  Go somewhere by yourself.  Go somewhere that you've never been before.  Every time to you go somewhere new it's an experience.  And life is all about experiences, and trying new things.

2.  Make Your Trip Comfortable

Scranton Zine Fest was a 2 day even but I would up staying at the hotel on Friday and Saturday night.  I could have made it a day trip on Saturday but I wanted to go to the preshow on Friday, attend the festival on Saturday, as well as rest before my trip home on Sunday.  That's why I wound up booking my hotel room for two nights.  I knew that with my anxiety I was going to need some extra time to unwind before making my trip back home.

3.  Research

Once I signed up for a table at Scranton Zine Fest, I wound up researching Scranton all week.  I studied:

  1.  The event
  2.  The gallery where the event took place
  3.  My hotel
  4. The downtown area in general

That way I would know what places I wanted to see and visit before I even got there!  I had a nice dinner on Friday night and enjoyed going to the festival and lounging around my hotel on Saturday.

4.  Do What Feels Right

I wound up meeting and talking with people at the preshow the night before.  Yay!  The organizer for the event announce that there was going to be an after party that night.  I decided that I wanted to go, but once I was back at my hotel I changed my mind.  I got a few drinks and ate dinner in the hotel bar and it was so much fun, but then I got tired from the long work week so I decided to go to bed early. I'm sure that the party was a lot of fun, but this is what felt right for me.

5.  Stay Somewhere Fun

To me, the most important part of traveling is having a safe and comfortable place to stay.  In this situation, I stayed in a fun place as well.  I stayed at the Hilton Scranton Conference Center.  It was conveniently located just down the street from my even and I'm also a Hilton honors member which means I got a discount, as well as points for my stay.  Once I have enough points, I want to use them to take my boyfriend on a fun trip. :)

Those are my 5 tips for having a fun weekend getaway.  If you haven't read my recap of Scranton Zine Fest, make sure to check it out.  I had a great time and definitely plan on heading back next year.

Take care,

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